Video Annotation Services

Capture each object in the video with frame-by-frame annotated lines making the moving objects recognizable for computer or machines.

Video Annotation Services

Video Annotation for Computer Vision

Develop the AI machines and computer systems using the annotated videos as a training data for precise results. We can annotate the any type of video using the advanced techniques and tools helping to build the computer vision model work with highest quality. Our state-of-the-art facility provides the best quality annotated videos using the best-in-class video annotation tool for deep learning or machine learning.

Object Tracking for Self-driving Vehicles

Using the the annotated videos Autonomous vehicles can recognize the objects like other vehicles, street lights, sign boards, traffic signals, lanes, cyclists and pedestrians walking on the street. We use advance video annotation tool computer vision to annotate videos frame-by-frame precisely helping AI developers to build a ground truth model allowing them to develop a fully functional and reliable autonomous vehicle.

Track Human Activity and Pose Estimation

Tracking human poses becomes easier with us, as we annotate or label human poses making easier for machines to easily detect human activity and interactions in various situations. While understanding the computer vision problems our experts can do live video annotation use the most efficient tools and technique to accurately annotate the facial expressions of humans and how they pose while performing various actions.