Accurate Annotation Services with Meticulous Pixel Precision

Facilitating object compartmentalization and category detection in images, videos, and audio through annotated data for computer vision platforms and conversational AI, supporting efficient and accurate AI-based functional model development.



Achieve unparalleled quality services with the utmost accuracy level, delivering excellence in vision and voice annotation through meticulous stages of data auditing and review.



The high standards of data security with privacy while working with our clients to ensure their confidentiality.



Working with hundreds of workforce to annotate pictures as per the demand providing a completely scalable solution with turnaround time to meet the different client’ needs.



Opting for our vision and voice annotation outsourcing empowers clients with a cost-efficient data labeling service, allowing them to minimize project costs without compromising on efficiency.


We offer annotation and labeling services for machine learning, enabling machine learning with sophisticated tools and human-driven proficiency to ensure the seamless identification of objects for computer vision and conversational AI.


Polygon or polygonal segmentation is a powerful method for annotating objects with irregular or coarse attributes, especially those that possess asymmetrical shapes. This approach is particularly advantageous when annotating expansive images such as aerial photography, as it enables more precise annotations. By employing bounding polygons for annotation, a higher degree of precision is attained, resulting in the creation of sharper and more precise vision models specifically tailored to aerial imagery.


By employing bounding boxes, we accurately outline various objects, such as humans, cards, and other street objects, enabling comprehensive recognition. Depending on the quantity and quality of your data, we employ either a 2D or 3D bounding box annotation tool. Our expertise extends to training models for precise object tagging and classification, ensuring exceptional quality.

Polylines Annotation

Applied into lane detection on roads for autonomous cars and other vehicles to detect the lane and move into the right direction.

3D Cuboid Annotation

Capture the object in 3D cuboid to get the more in-depth dimension view and build a more comprehensive model for detailed info.

Landmark Annotation

Plotting a sequence of points correctly to determine the shape of natural objects like facial features, emotions and expressions


Our Vision and Voice Annotation service spans a wide range of industries that operate on AI-based or machine learning-based business models. We can work for any industry, ensuring the same level of dedication and quality across all sectors.

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Auto Mobile

Used for computerized vision learning for autonomous vehicle driving

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Health Care

The diseases diagnosis and analysis through annotated medical imaging

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AI in Retail

Used for Ecommerce and retail supermarkets through vision based inspection

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Auto nomous Flying

Mainly used for aerial view capturing and object recognition through drones

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Used as robotic arms for material handling at warehouse or assembly plants

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Mainly used to keep monitoring the objects through automated security cameras

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E Commerce

Used as robotics in agriculture for soil monitoring, crop harvesting or yield analysis


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Methodology & Assured Quality

Obtain top-tier quality services with utmost accuracy, exemplifying excellence in data annotation through multiple stages of data auditing and review. Our team harnesses the latest tools and methodologies to streamline business processes, producing the best possible results.

Specialized Members & Expertise

Backed by a team lead, project management experts, and subject matter experts (SMEs), we guarantee superior quality, precision, and scalability. Our in-house team comprises extensively trained and experienced professionals specializing in annotation and data enrichment services.

Security & IP Protection

Impeccable enterprise-grade security and confidentiality standards ensure the utmost protection of your data. With access cards, video surveillance, and strict policies prohibiting mobile phones or notebooks, we guarantee unparalleled privacy.